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The Sin Nature: Part 4

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

As discussed in Part 3, grace is the only answer to living free from the dominion of the sin nature (Rom 6:14). Unfortunately, many Christians do not take that approach. It is good to be aware of the other approaches so we can distinguish Truth from error. Here are the 5 approaches:

1. IGNORANCE - Many Christians have little or no knowledge of the subject of the sin nature.

2. DENIAL - Some teach that the sin nature is eradicated at conversion. See Part 2 for a rebuttal of this deception.

3. LICENSE - Some believe that because we have a sin nature, we cannot help but sin on a regular or consistent basis. Another view teaches us to ignore sin (no need to repent because of the finished work of Christ).

4. STRUGGLE - The believer is taught that we have a sin nature but that we must subdue it through a regular routine of consistent and various religious practices.

5. GRACE - The believer understands that the sin nature has already been defeated by Christ. Our faith in Him and His Finished Work sets us free from the dominion of the sin nature and releases the power of God’s Grace (His Spirit), which enables us to live the Christian life and be conformed to the image of Christ. The believer does not attain sinless perfection but does experience real change and real victory.

Once we recognize that our problem is the sin nature, and that the grace of God is the Solution, the next step is to know the Truth that sets us free by the power of God's grace (John 8:32,36).

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